Sunday, October 18, 2009


Nearly 800 individuals from across the valley attended the second annual Grey to Green Festival in Wick Park. The festival seeks to raise awareness of the grey to green concept of the city’s nationally and internationally recognized Youngstown 2010 Plan. While focusing on environmental issues and introducing local organizations, the festival also places emphasis on the Wick Park Revitalization Project.

The Grey to Green Festival organizing coalition formed with the shared belief that citizens, agencies, organizations and elected officials can collaborate to mobilize communities. Changing problem-driven solutions to vision-driven solutions is the basic approach to transforming the local community.

“The overall goal of the festival is to increase awareness of environmental issues, but the festival is also about community building. It is about relationships between people and organizations that care deeply about the place where they live. It is about sharing the joy that comes from working together to improve our city.” says Event Chair and Wick Park Revitalization Project steering committee member Deb Weaver.